About Us

LingoKids has been able to assemble an experienced team of energetic and motivated teachers, who all share a passion for the importance of foreign language instruction at an early age.

Most of our teachers are native speakers of the language that they teach and attempt to speak to the children as much as possible in their first language, using the ‘immersion’ technique.

You will receive a letter from your child’s teacher via his LingoKids folder – please feel free to contact them directly with any questions.

About The Founder

Helena Malarkey started LingoKids in the fall of 2010. She is the mother of three boys and was born and raised in Germany.

In her first year of studies at the University of Heidelberg she met her husband, a foreign exchange student from the US. Having lived together in Germany for almost 8 years, the family relocated to the US in 2001. Helena has a German Law Degree and has also studied European Law at the University of Strassbourg, France. She has taken language classes in Salamanca, Spain and Oxford, England. She has been working as a local coordinator for Cultural Care Au Pair since 2006.

Helena is raising her sons to be bilingual and is a strong advocate for cultural exchange. She is the founder of LingoKids LLC because she believes in the importance of teaching our children foreign languages early and exposing them to other cultures.

General Information

Research shows again and again that children who learn a second language early do better on enhanced performance tests, score higher on SAT tests, possess better problem-solving and spatial relationship skills, and show overall better academic performance and communication skills.

We want to help your child to enjoy languages, foreign languages as well as their own mother tongue. We want to give her/him a good start into the big wide and colorful world of language-learning. LingoKids is based on hands-on and playful learning. Your child will be exposed to a second (or even third) language through songs and movement, games, stories and crafts.

Classes are offered in Spanish, French, and German. Depending on the school, they are scheduled before or after school and run for two 10-week sessions. Students are dismissed directly to or from their classrooms to attend classes. We do not meet on holidays, vacations or half-days, and when the school is closed or dismisses early for snow or other emergency. Classes that have been cancelled will be added on at the end of each session.

Registration is easy and should only take a few minutes of your time. Pro-rated tuition is offered if your child could not join us from the start (not available online – please call us at 484 318 8334 for more information).