• Do you need to learn a foreign language for your job?

• Are you planning a trip and want to impress your partner with your foreign language skills and your cultural knowledge?

• Is your child struggling in school with his/her foreign language? Or is he or she above grade level and could potentially test at a higher level but needs some preparation?


We can help with your foreign language learning and our highly skilled tutors will be by your side. We will make sure to find the right tutor for your child or yourself and offer ongoing support.

LingoTutoring offers one-on-one foreign language teaching and support in the following languages:

• Spanish
• French
• German
• Italian (new Italian via Skype!)
• Arabic
• Russian
• Mandarin

Your investment:

1 lesson:          $60

5 lessons:        $280 ($20 savings)

10 lessons:       $540 ($60 savings = 1 free lesson)

15 lessons:       $750 ($150 savings)

20 lessons:       $1000 ($200 savings)

25 lessons:       $1250 ($250 savings)

For questions and to schedule an appointment with one of our tutors please contact us
at lingolanguagelearning@gmail.com or call 484 318 8334.